How do I access my order?

Welcome to Corjl, you may have just purchased an invitation, sign, etc. via Etsy or another e-commerce platform. Keep in mind that Corjl does not create or sell designs. We only provide editing software for designers/sellers. We will always try our best in helping Corjl designers/sellers and customers!

Quick tips before you get started

  • If you are using Corjl to edit a template for the first time then you will need to create a FREE account with us.
  • It is always best to use the same email you used to make your purchase to create your Corjl customer account since your order is connected to the purchasing email.
  • Did you use Apple Pay and opt to use the "Hide My Email" feature when paying? If so then Corjl is not able to send the order email with the link because we are given a "dummy" email address that usually ends with "" Feel free to contact the designer/seller to send you the order link.
  • Corjl is a "chromium" platform therefore it works best on browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Some functions don't work well in Safari, so if you're using Safari and having issues, try switching your browser.

  • If you need to contact Corjl support for any reason, please provide an order number or an email your account is associated with. We are always happy to help!

Once you've made your purchase, there are two ways you can access and edit your order:

1. After purchasing an item that is connected with Corjl, Corjl will send out an email message to you  (this email should be sent out within 10 minutes after the payment has been processed). The message will contain a link, which you can use to log in and access your purchased items.

 2. You, the customer, can also go directly to click "EDIT A PURCHASED ITEM"  to create a  free customer account, and enter your order ID and login information to access your purchased items. 

If you did not receive an email from Corjl and/or your Order ID is not found when attempting to create an account/login then please reach out to the Design Seller you purchased from so they can assist you with creating a new order.

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