When will my print file be sent to me?

I finished editing my order - now what?

Once you have made edits and saved your changes - the next step is to Download your design!

Simply select the Download icon on the panel on the left.

Your download will be sent to your downloads folder on your computer (or the location you have designated for your downloads to be sent). If you are downloading your order on your mobile device please see this article here on where to find your downloads on your phone.

Once you have your downloaded file on your computer you can then print your file straight from your computer.  Click on your file and then select File > Print.  

You can also send your file to a local print shop to have your order printed and shipped to you. 

Alternately the seller you purchased your template from could offer printing & shipping services.  If this is the case please reach out to them to inquire about when you will receive your order. If you are receiving your item from the seller you purchased from you may have the Approve Proof button in your order. If this is the case once you save your changes and click on the Approve Proof button, the seller will be notified and they will send your item to you.  Corjl does not print or ship items out at this time.

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