What is Editable on my Template?

All designs and templates are created by the seller/designer and not by Corjl. Corjl is simply the editing platform that designers use to create editable templates. With that said, we are unsure what is exactly editable for your particular order/design since the designer/seller has complete control over what is editable and what is not.

If you are unsure if an element in your design is editable you can reach out to the design seller or look for their demo link. In the description, some sellers may have a demo link where you can test out the design and edit it before purchasing.  If an element is unable to be edited you will need to reach out to the design seller to see if they allow that layer to be edited. Corjl is not authorized to make any edits to a seller's design. 

If you need help locating the designer/seller you made your purchase from, feel free to reach out to the Corjl support team at support@corjl.com. Please include the order number so we can assist.

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